The Face Behind Wee Cog


Wee Cog is a small business based in Peebles, the Scottish Borders, owned by me Rebecca Harris, where I design and make saddle bags and accessories for bikes.

Bikes are a big deal in the Borders, both road and mountain and living next to Glentress, one of the biggest and best purpose built mountain biking centres you can't help but get caught up in it. There are also so many beautiful quiet country roads where you can get on your bike and enjoy the scenery.

Having started my career in handbag design and made handbags for several years, I decided to change tack and I found a gap in the market for well made saddle bags for bikes. Since moving to the Scottish Borders taking up road and mountain biking I came up with the idea of combining my knowledge of handbag design and love of bikes and create a well made saddle bag. My idea coming from not wanting to use a rucksack when mountain biking and I didn't want to carry tools and inner tubes in my jersey pocket; my option was to come up with a sleek design that sat neatly under the bike saddle without moving about, yet big enough to hold an inner tube, tyre levers, patches and tools.

More recently I have started making custom frame bag, where I can fit a bag to your bike in any shape and size.

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