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Skinny done!

cycling Kordura saddle bag saddle bag skinny tweed tweedlove

I completed the Skinny Tweed road cycle event today- 44 miles organised by Tweedlove. It's fairly easy, a couple of climbs but nothing too difficult and I hadn't been worried about it during the lead up to today. However, last night and especially this morning I was beginning to feel like I didn't want to take part, the weather was horrible - cold, wet and windy and I didn't feel motivated to go out at all. I didn't want to get cold and wet, all I wanted to do was stay in bed, my motivation had gone. But I got...

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Special Offer!

Kordura saddle bag road bike saddle bag saddle bags tweedlove

To celebrate the start of the Tweedlove biking festival in Peebles Wee Cog is offering 15% discount on all products. Just type in 'lovecog15' at the checkout. The offer is available until the 31st May! Happy Riding!!

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Bright tastic...

cycle training Kordura saddle bag road bike saddle bag turbo training

It has been a busy few weeks here at Wee Cog. Russell from Shand Cycles very kindly offered to take some saddle bags and postcards to display at Bespoked Bristol on their stand, I had a couple of weeks notice but because it was the Easter holidays I spent a lot of my spare time making up the stock. Bespoked Bristol is a UK based public event promoting the international talents of independent makers and designers of the bicycle world. The event was last weekend and I'm heading up to Shand's studio on Friday to find out how many bags...

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Phone Time

Kordura saddle bag phone case saddle bag turbo training

We have a new product in the pipeline. From the early stages of Wee Cog I wanted to have a phone case as part of the collection and this week I started designing and prototyping some ideas. I wanted it to have a clear vinyl window so that you can use the touch screen while it's in the case and I didn't want it to be bulky. When I go out for a ride my phone is either wrapped in bubble wrap in my rucksack or it's loose in my jersey pocket when out on my road bike, both of...

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Turbo Time

cycle training road bike saddle bag tour o'the borders turbo training

I have some exciting new ideas for Wee Cog, I'm waiting for deliveries of fabric and fittings then I can start making and all will be revealed over the next few weeks. In the meantime I am enjoying making all the new orders that are coming in. As for cycling, this week I made a snap decision and bought a turbo trainer. I went for a Kinetic Road Trainer II, Johnny has one that I used last winter while I was getting used to my new bike but he has his road bike permanently hooked up to it in the...

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