It's been too long.

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It has been some time since I last blogged, this has been for various reasons; we were away for four weeks in the summer (months ago), I've been too busy, I wasn't sure what to write and basically I was out of the habit.

I find it hard to get my thoughts down and always end up reading and changing what I write over and over again, I doubt myself and get quite nervous when I share the blog post. I'm not sure if everyone gets like this but when you allow people you don't know to read your thoughts you can feel quite exposed. When I was in the habit of blogging I did improve and found it easier the more I posts I did but now I'm back to the beginning and need to practice again. 

So here goes..

My latest project is to freshen up the website, I will be using a new template and will have to re-take all of the product photographs. This is the time consuming bit; I have no stock because I was very busy last year and ending up making everything to order. So all the items need to be made, some I can duplicate, but I want everything to look fresh and consistent so it will be worth it. It's also a good way of checking what products and colours are popular and what is less popular. I'll be adding a few new colour combinations too. 

Hopefully in a months time the updated website will be ready to go live, but in the meantime the old website is still up and running. I have quite a few products now, so it will take some time but I'll get there.

Then it'll be time to work on my new ideas.

Saddle bags

All the colours cut out and waiting to be made.


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