Countdown begins

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Tour O'the Borders is almost here, with a week to go I'm finally ready.

But last week the fear was starting to bubble to the surface again. I was feeling fine, in fact I felt great after my 60 mile cycle and had stopped thinking about it but as the Tour was getting closer I was getting nervous again.

These were my issues - I was worried about the amount of time I'd be spending in the saddle (I have a VERY uncomfortable saddle and should have bought a new one a long time ago), I have no idea how long it'll take us to complete it, 6.5hrs at least. I also like the element of surprise on a cycle ride, it keeps me going when I'm on a new road but I have ridden the whole route. There's just one small section up Dreva where we take a left,  I have never ridden this section and I'm looking forward to a new bit of road even if it is only for 5 minutes! Lastly it's 74 MILES! I know that if I can cycle 60 miles I can cycle 74 but it is still a long way, it'll be very hard for me to turn right at The Gordon Arms instead of left!

Yesterday Fi and I I went for one last long ride, we rode the short Tour route (apart from my new bit of Dreva road.) We didn't need to go out for so long but I think we both needed to help our confidence. We had another crack at the newly named F***ing Talla (excuse my French), it felt harder for us both yesterday but I got up it again, thankfully! It was a lovely morning, the roads were quiet and we chatted the whole way round, we hadn't seen each other for a month so had a lot to talk about and I remembered that's why we cycled. Fresh air, beautiful scenery, exercise and quality chatting. It can't get better than that!

So with 6 days to go I'm ready to shut up moaning and get on with it, it will be fun and this time next week I'll be enjoying a lovely cold glass of lager feeling like that was the best thing I've ever done.  If you're taking part and see Fi and I out on our bikes (I'll have the khaki Wee Cog on the back of my white Cannondale) please say hello, we will appreciate any words of encouragement!

Me at the top of Talla, take 2.

The view that makes Talla worth while.


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