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It has been a busy few weeks here at Wee Cog.

Russell from Shand Cycles very kindly offered to take some saddle bags and postcards to display at Bespoked Bristol on their stand, I had a couple of weeks notice but because it was the Easter holidays I spent a lot of my spare time making up the stock. Bespoked Bristol is a UK based public event promoting the international talents of independent makers and designers of the bicycle world. The event was last weekend and I'm heading up to Shand's studio on Friday to find out how many bags sold but I believe it went well.

I wanted to get the Brights saddle bags made and photographed for the website during Easter. The colours I decided on were pink, green, orange and purple and are available in small for road bikes and large for mountain bikes. They are made out of Kordura which is a very hard wearing PU backed fabric and because the fabric is waterproof they will easily wipe down if they get muddy, although I've decided to have a khaki bag for winter and a pink bag on my mountain bike in the warm dry months!

Because of the holidays I haven't been able to go out on my road bike but I was able to turbo train, in total I managed 4 one hour sessions and two 30 minutes. Although I was able to get a quick hour ride on Saturday to Traquair and back - I decided to treat it like a turbo session and ride as hard as I could, I managed 15 miles in 1 hour which is my fastest yet, the turbo training is paying off! On Sunday I intended to complete a 90 minute session but I wasn't in the right frame of mind and probably quite tired, after 50 minutes I had to stop because my legs wouldn't move anymore. I'd had enough!

Back to normal this week and intend to go for a 35 mile ride with the ladies, lets hope the weather holds...

Shand Cycles door!

Pink Bright out for a test ride.

Traquair cross road.

Proof of my speed!

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