New fabric and childrens tool bags

childs saddlebag red waxed canvas

I've been on a production frenzy the last week or so just to try and get some stock of the saddlebags, that way I can focus on taking new photos and coming up with new designs.

I'm going to be making children's saddlebags, there are a lot of kids biking groups in the Tweed Valley and I know a lot of the children do not carry tools or inner tubes, my girls included. The other problem is that the child specific rucksacks are only big enough to carry a water bladder and nothing else, my girls tend to carry their water in a bottle cage and leave their bags free for their waterproof and snack. The child's saddlebag will be the same size as the adults road bike and will easily fit a 24" or 26" inner tube, but there will be the option to have it in red too. Hopefully I will have a sample this week.


I've also ordered a sample of kordura for my next idea, I'll keep you posted...

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  • Yara on

    Sunglasses are a lot like cameras..Best to have a coplue more as back-up, as ya never know..And yes..there are likely axe wielders in every circle!Also, you bear absolutely NO resemblance to GW!

  • Iwan on

    I’ve been using the Origin 8 saddle bag for my ctummoe for over a month. I live in Rochester New York. It is December. It is cold, wet and salty. This bag is just great. Any bag that gets abused this way will need some repairs from time to time, I am curious to see how the salt affects it. So far, so good. Can’t beat the price.

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