Wee Cog went live

It has been a busy week here at Wee Cog HQ.

I started last week making all the samples for the photos on the website, once made I had to quickly get the photos taken - I mocked up my own light box using a sheet of card and a plastic crate, thankfully I had a tripod and lights. I had everything finished by Thursday evening and weecog.co.uk was ready to go live.

Friday was a busy day, Tweedlove and Tour 0' The Borders gave Wee Cog a big plug so the website and facebook page got a lot of attention, thank you Fi and Neil for your help. I also had a meeting with Danny Cowe from the Mountain Bike Centre of Scotland at the Peel Tower, Glentress. We had a good chat about my product and ways to develop it further, I came away with lots of ideas and a huge amount to think about. I even had my first online sale on Friday, I was buzzing! It's fair to say I needed a huge glass of red wine on Friday evening.

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